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There are two types of scoliosis: functional and congenital. A congenital scoliosis is the curvature of the spine that develops as a result of a malformed bone. Typically one of the vertebra is wedge-shaped forcing the spine to lean in the direction of the wedge. With spines like this, it is very important to maintain movement in each vertebra as they will be more prone to subluxating or locking.

The second type: a functional scoliosis is a when a patient develops scoliosis due to a trauma such as falling when snowboarding or tripping down stairs. When trauma like this occurs the hip will misalign and rotate either forward or backward creating a “short” leg. The hip misalignment will pull the spine to the right or left and create a curve. This type of scoliosis is correctable by realigning and balancing the pelvis.

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