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Sciatica is the sensation of low back pain running down one or both legs. Rather than pain, sometimes a tingling or numbness occurs. In some instances though, all three symptoms may be present.  Weakness of the legs can also develop.  Many people turn to Advil or Aleve to alleviate their pain, however our bodies should not need to rely on drugs to feel better. This is especially true because sciatica is completely preventable! Chiropractic care can address the spinal cause of the leg pain directly rather than simply the painful symptoms.

A common misconception of sciatica is that it is a leg issue but it is actually caused by Vertebral Subluxation Complex. Subluxations are fixed through chiropractic care and at Luminous Chiropractic this is done with the help of our videofluoroscopy machine. This means no more guesswork, just accurate results! If you are feeling pain in your legs, Luminous Chiropractic is just a call away to help you feel like your old self!

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