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Spinal arthritis is a common diagnosis with an uncertainty of origin. Many people believe it is inevitable with age or due to genetics. That’s the mindset that “my mom had a bad back.. so will I”. The reality is however that arthritis occurs in joints that suffer from a loss of normal biomechanics. Whether a direct trauma disrupts the mechanics or repetitive injury changes function, the joint responds by laying down new bone (arthritis). This is the bodies attempt to protect the unstable joint and prevent increased damage to the disc and nerve. Arthritis creates inflammation however that can be painful as well as restricts normal motion.

Once a spinal joint gets to a certain degree of disease or decays it is impossible to undo the damage. Chiropractic can, however, stop the progression of arthritic formation and in some cases restore motion in the bones in the beginning stages of arthritis.

Spinal stenosing is a common diagnosis given to patients who suffer from chronic back pain. It is a gradual narrowing of the spinal canal and can worsen over the time. The cause of spinal stenosing is a locked vertebra or a subluxation. When one bone loses motion and can no longer glide properly on the bone below or above the opening will close and create pressure on the nerve and disc. The solution in medicine is to treat with injections or prescription drugs. These two approaches may eliminate symptoms from the stenosing temporarily but they will never correct the cause.

The technology we use can show us exactly which bone is locked and in which direction it is locked. Restoring proper motion and alignment will allow the canal to open and will prevent further pressure from occurring.

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