We are the only practice in the area to offer state-of-the-art technology during our 5 step consultation process.


Viewing the spine in motion is the most accurate way to uncover locking within the spine in order to provide a highly specific adjustment.

Out of the 24 bones most people only have 3-4 locked, which are the culprits of their symptoms   

The bones can lock in flexion, extension, right rotation, left rotation, or a combination of the 4 


Infrared technology picks up temperature differentials in the nervous system where there are areas of interference and irritation.

Objectively measures pre and post adjustment outcomes

Allows for pattern work which will help identify which subluxation to adjust during the visit since each subluxation in the spine demonstrates a specific pattern 


Many chiropractors do not x-ray their patients to identify a potential spinal issue

The structural foundation of the spine informs us on the degree of improvement we can expect

Shows areas that should be addressed as well as potential areas that should not be adjusted 

Pulstar Instrument adjuster

High vibration frequency used to reinforce an adjustment made by hand

Used on soft tissue to relax spastic muscles

Used on small joints in the extremities

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