Luminous Chiropractic provides out of network services.  Payments for services are due at the time of the visit.  If your insurance program offers out of network benefits the office will provide you with what is called a “super-bill”.  This bill can be submitted by you to your insurance provider for direct reimbursement.

Why are services out of network?

Unfortunately, many insurance companies base the need for healthcare off a symptom being present.  This means tests that are performed for preventative measures are often not covered.  At Luminous Chiropractic we believe no expense should be spared when it comes to accurately diagnosing subluxations in the spine.  The tools we rely on, including thermography scans and motion x-ray, are not recognized as necessary procedures for care.  Dr. Casey has spent a considerable amount of time publishing a research paper attempting to bring awareness to the importance of utilizing these tools prior to delivering an adjustment to the spine. Read Dr.Casey’s research paper.

How do I know if I will be reimbursed?

If you are unsure of your benefits we recommend contacting the provider by using the number located on the back of your card.  Be sure to ask “Do I have out of network benefits?” and “What is my deductible?”.  The reimbursement rates will vary depending on the answers to these questions.

Initial Exam

The spinal check-up is $225.00 and includes a consultation with Dr. Casey, thermography scans, a full spine set of x-rays, a videofluoroscopy study, and your first adjustment.  Following the initial exam, patients will be scheduled for a report of findings appointment.  Dr. Casey will review any significant findings from the exam as well as a treatment plan, should your exam warrant care.  There is no charge for this appointment.

Additional Visits

Luminous Chiropractic offers various care plan options.  Patients can pay for the recommended number of visits up front to receive the greatest level of savings or can be set up on a payment plan to cover the spinal correction program.  Each plan consists of a re-examination and an anniversary exam where follow up x-rays are taken. The average cost is $75/visit.

How often will I have to be adjusted?

The frequency of visits will depend on the severity of spinal damage.  The average recommendation made by Dr. Casey is 24 total visits over the course of 12 months.  Dr. Casey has found that the tools utilized to detect subluxation allow her to reduce the number of adjustments significantly compared to most other chiropractors.  Many chiropractic practices place patients on high volume plans that can include 60-70 visits.  This is the standard 3 times a week for two months, then 2 times a week for a couple months, and so forth.  Highly specific adjustments cut this time in half.  

Cancellation Policy
There is a cancellation fee for patients who cancel their appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled time.
Active Patients cancellation fee is $35
Non Active Patients cancellation fee is $50