What to Expect After Your Adjustment?

Most patients experience only a minor “tooth ache” feeling in the area of the adjustment.  On average 90% of patients report a very positive change immediately following their first adjustment. It is common to feel light tingling in the hands and feet or a warmth sensation due to the release of nerve signals back into the body.  A common response is feeling sleepy and relaxed.  Blood pressure tends to lower and white blood cell count could rise significantly.  Theses chemical changes are due to the onset of the healing process following the chiropractic adjustment.

The other 10% of patients may have what they consider to be a negative reaction.  When the body experiences loss of function in any given area and that function is restored some side effects may ensue.  Examples can include soreness, intense tingling in the hands and feet, mild headaches, flue like symptoms, and fatigue.  Each of these symptoms are signs that the power is being restored in your body and healing is at work.

To avoid soreness and facilitate the healing process there are a few things you can do at home.  First it is very important that following your first adjustment you take it easy.  It is recommended that you rest for a minimum of 45 minutes to an hour to fully absorb the adjustment.  Laying on your back would be the best position as you do not want to reinjure the area where correction is taking place.  You should always avoid alcohol and soft drinks as well as junk food before and after an adjustment.  These substances weaken the body and counteract healing.  We recommend drinking 2-3 glasses of distilled or reverse osmosis water as it is the purest water and contains no harmful additives.